(ROT) - ミニフラフープ、キラキラ色、・・50cm【海外直送】 - (ROT) - Mini Hula Hoop, glitter colours, ・・50cm-その他

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(ROT) - Mini Hula Hoop, glitter colours, ・・50cm

Colour: ROT

With Isolation Hula Hooping you give the entire body even more momentum
Discover our high quality Isolation Hula Hoops with which you can expand your repertoire with view
to tricky movements. Each Mini Hoop is carefully made by hand in Germany, the attractive glitter tape
in many different colours visualises energy and joie de vivre. Noticeable fun will offer you the grip tape
which is very precisely fixed on the inside: This allows you to enjoy a higher level of adhesion, which
noticeably prevents slipping of the tyre. Due to its light weight and the small diameter of just 50 cm,
this model offers the best conditions for a functional Isolation Hula Hoop.

These functional Mini Hula Hoops (Arm Hoop) offer new athletic opportunities
Take advantage of this innovative fitness tool to specifically train the upper body or to learn new Hula
Hoop tricks. As Arm Hoop, this model shows that not only the hip can be the centre of swinging
movements. The glamorous glitter effect in many trendy colours ensures a high quality look.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team in order to buy a model according to your wishes.

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